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My Story

My name is Amber Ortega and I wanted to formally introduce

myself and share a little about how I got into making jewelry. I recently went

through some significant life changes and one day I found myself watching a

video online on how to make polymer clay earrings. At that time in my life, I

needed something to keep my mind busy. So, I began

to explore my creative side.

As I began to make a few pieces, I’d already be thinking about my next piece.

Therefore, I would fall in love

with creating all my trendy and unique pieces.

I have learned so many different techniques along the way.

I love making jewelry, especially because

no two pieces are ever the same. I can start to make a pair with an idea

in mind and then the next pair, I want to strive to make it even better than the last!

With all the endless options available, I can

make changes to colors, patterns, and even the earring findings that I use to put the whole piece


The truest blessing from starting this adventure, is seeing my pieces on my customers,

wearing something I’ve designed. It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of learning

and navigating through all things associated with being a small business

owner. I love to make my customers happy and see or hear the excitement they

have when they receive my products! This is the best gratitude I could ever hope for.

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